H. I. F. Biber  Passacaglia  
J. S. Bach  Sonatas and Partitas  
  I Sonata in G moll, BWV 1001  
  II Sonata in A moll, BWV 1003  
  II Partita in D moll, BWV 1004  
  III Partita in E dur, BWV 1006  
G. Bacewicz Solosonata (1958)  
Caprice polonaise  
P. Bozzi Meta-Kitsch (1986)  
B. Guy Celebration (1994)  
P. Müller-Zürich Sonata for solo violin, Op. 52  
K. Penderecki Cadenza (1987)  
G. Ph. Telemann 12 Fantasies  
E. Ysäye Sonata, Op. 27 No. 4 and 5  
J.S. Bach 6 Sonatas for violin and harpsichord  
  in B minor, BWV 1014  
  in A major, BWV 1015  
  in E major, BWV 1016  
  in C minor, BWV 1017  
  in F minor, BWV 1018  
  in G Major, BWV 1019  
  2 Sonatas for violin and basso continuo   
  in G major, BWV 1021  
  in E minor, BWV 1023  
D. Castello Sonata Prima and Seconda  
A. Corelli  Sonata Op. 5 No.10 in F major   
Sonata Op. 5 No.12 in D moll (La Follia)  
F. Geminiani Sonata in A major  
G. F. Händel 6 Sonatas for violin and basso continuo Op. 1   
  No. 3 in A major  
  No. 10 in G minor  
  No. 12 in F major  
  No.13 in D major  
  No.14 in A major  
  No.15 in E major  
P. Locatelli Sonata Op. 6 in D major   
J. M. Leclair Sonata in C moll “ Le Tombeau”  
D. Scarlatti Sonatas for violin and harpsichord  
G. Tartini Sonata in G minor „ Didonna abandonata“  
Sonata in G minor „Trillo di Diablo”  
G. Ph. Telemann Solo in A dur     
F. M. Veracini Sonata Op. 2 No. 8 in E minor  
T. Vitali Chaconne in G minor  
L. van Beethoven Sonata Op. 12 No. 1 in D major   
  Sonata Op. 12 No. 3 in E flat major  
  Sonata Op. 24 No. 5  in F major  
  Sonata Op. 30 No. 6 in A major  
  Sonata Op. 47 No. 9 in A major   
  Sonata Op. 96 No. 10 in G major  
G. Bacewicz Sonata No. 4  
G. von Benoit Sonata in D major  
J. Brahms Sonata No.1 in G major   
  Sonata No.2 in A major   
  Scherzo in C minor  
C. Debussy Sonata in G minor  
G. Fauré Sonata in A major, Op. 13  
A. Furer Sonata Op.18  
W. Lutoslawski Partita  
W. A. Mozart Sonata KV 301 in G major  
  Sonata KV 302 in E flat major  
  Sonata KV 304 in E minor  
  Sonata KV 378 in B flat major  
F. Poulenc Sonata in F minor  
S. Prokofiev Sonata No. 1 in F minor, Op.   
Sonata No.2 in D major, Op. 94a  
A. Schnittke Sonata No. 1  
F. Schubert  3 Sonatas Op. post.173 D384, 385 ,408  
  Sonatas in A major (“Duo”) Op. post. 162 D 574  
R. Schumann Sonata No. 1 in A minor, Op.105  
K. Szymanowski Sonate in D minor  
B. Bartok Romanian Dances  
E. Bloch Suita „ Baal Shem“  
C. Debussy Miniatures  
A. Dvořak 4 Romantic Pieces , Miniatures  
E. Elgar diverse Miniatures ( Salut d`Amour, Chanson de nuit, La Capricieuse)  
E. W. Korngold 4 Pieces from Shakespeare’s  “Much Ado About Nothing”  
F. Kreisler Miniatures:  
  Liebesfreud (Love's Joy)  
  Liebesleid (Love's Sorrow)  
  Schön Rosmarin  
  Marche miniature viennois  
  Pouppée valsante  
  Preludium and Allegro  
  Variations from the Theme of Corelli   
  Tempo di Minuetto and others  
W. A. Mozart Adagio KV 261, Rondo KV 373  
S. Prokofjew 5 Melodies  
J. Suk 4 Pieces  
D.  Shostakovich 4 Preludes  
C. Schumann 3 Romances  
R. Schumann 3 Romances  
K. Szymanowski 2 Pieces, Dance from Ballet „ Harnasie”   
3 Myths, Preludium  
P. Tchaikovsky Miniatures  
H. Wieniawski Diverse pieces  ( 4 Mazurkas , Capriccio Valse, Legend, Polonaise A-Dur)  
M. de Falla Suite populaire espagnole  
N. Paganini Sonatas for Violin and Guitar  
A. Piazzola Tangos  
H. M. Gorecki Sonata  
W.A. Mozart Sonata for two Violins and Piano  
S. Prokofjew Sonata  
A. Schnittke Moz-Art  
D. Schostakowitsch Three Dances  
L. Boccerini Duos  
D. Milhaud Sonata for two Violins and Piano  
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